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Redemption Leadership Academy Features
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Take advantage of an exciting community of like minded believers. Engage and share in both leadership and biblical topics.
Weekly Zoom Meetings
Engage and discuss topics directly in a monthly private zoom meeting with Mark Neale.
Exclusive Videos
Access private videos with teachings from Mark.
Three Termly Courses a Year
These courses are structured to establish your leadership skills within the light of Scripture. All sessions are recorded and stored under course and subject for future access.
Bible Book of the Month
Read the monthly book as a community with blog posts from Mark to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible.
Mobile App Access
Communicate on the go and access all content right from your iPhone or Android.
Here's what other members are saying about the Redemption Leadership Academy...

"Hey everyone, Jesse here. Just so excited to be a part of this community and to be sharpened by you guys."

"Hi all! New here! This looks to be like an amazing platform! I had a conversation with our two teen boys today about being able to explain to others why we believe what we believe."

"I'm happy to be a part of the community and I look forward to this extra step in my journey."
Zoom Meetings with Mark
Members gain valuable insight from the leadership meetings
Mobile App Access
Take the community and content with you everywhere by gaining access to the Mobile App (on Android and iPhone)

Many of our members have said these materials have been very helpful in their journey to becoming a better Christian Leader. As a reminder, all members receive access to hours of EXCLUSIVE Videos, training and teaching Materials, Monthly Zoom Meetings and direct interaction with Mark. Combined, all of these resources can help you become a better Christian Leader. Act Now!